our Solutions

  • Ocean Monitoring system

    Our Ocean monitoring system consists of a set of sensors to suits the customer's needs. It can be customized depending upon water depth, project duration, and other factors with a Sindhuja-1. Suitable applications include metocean data collection, fish/mammal tracking, subsea vessel detection, marine environment analysis, and many more.

  • Subsea Power

    A VPE subsea power solution offers reliable, uninterrupted, low-carbon, and autonomous energy supply to various subsea applications. Our unique system can supply fully integrated AC/DC power requirements for a range of applications.

  • Maritime Communications

    Sindhuja-1 can supply uninterrupted power to the satellite communication system to keep vessels connected from anywhere in the world. The system will allow vessels to be always on, connected to maritime electronic highways, particularly during passages through more sensitive high traffic coastal areas and vessel traffic schemes.

  • Ocean surveillance system

    Our system can provide a continuous power supply to the devices installed for the safety and security of the ocean environment without any need for other external power sources. We provide autonomous monitoring that enables enforcement of maritime law in dangerous and remote ocean environments to improve safety at sea.