What's our AIM?

Virya Paramita Energy Private Limited is a renewable energy company that plans to harness wave energy to meet the growing demand for electricity. The company aims to develop a powerful wave energy convertor system that will help produce electricity for commercial and household purposes. By 2030, we aim to expand and use our technology in the following domains such as desalination, ocean surveillance, sea navigation system, coral reef renourishment, offshore communication, and weather buoy. .

Why Wave Energy?

The energy market is transitioning, driven by the escalating energy demands and the pressing need to curb emissions. We are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce climatic changes, and ensure energy security. While the offshore oil and gas industries supply enormous energy to power the globe, the conventional fossil-fuel power resources used to support the offshore activities are seldom unreliable and laborious to maintain as the exploration activities migrate far away from the coastline.

Wave energy is not simply an alternative resource, but it proves to be the ideal solution to the major offshore activities starting from deep-sea surveillance to powering oil and gas drilling operations. Its global practical capacity is around 2 to 4 trillion kilowatt-hours per year. The World Energy Council believes that by harnessing ocean energy, we can meet around 10% of global electricity consumption. Below are the reasons why wave energy could be the perfect solution to a lot of our common day-to-day problems!

Constant Supply
The competitive advantage

Potential in India

India has a coastline of 7500+ kms which gives it a huge advantage to utilize this coastline for various activities. As per certain studies and research the identified potential for wave energy in India is around 41GW. The potential for economic growth, energy security, job creation, and global export inherent in wave and tidal energy technologies is considerable.